Welcome to, makers of TVHarmony AutoPilot. If you are unfamiliar with TVHarmony AutoPilot, you should check out our products link which describes all the useful features AutoPilot provides. AutoPilot is currently a free download but if you find it useful, you might want to make a small donation to our website. If you do, you'll be able to continue to use the product and receive free lifetime upgrades, even if we start charging for the software. For more details on this policy, click on our donate link.

Latest News

August 18, 2006: Site Redesign

As you might have noticed, we've finally redesigned the website. If you find any errors or problems, please feel free to send us an email at tvharmony @

August 20, 2006: Beta 2 is officially here!

We've finally made beta 2 available for easy download. It includes a ton of new features including support for new devices, access from anywhere including your TiVo and the Internet, support for internet video sites like and

Check out more info on our Products page.

September 10, 2006: Beta 1 Users: New build extending expiration period

For those users happy with the old Beta 1 release, we've extended the expiration date to 4/1/07. You can download the new build of Beta 1 here.