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June 07, 2006

Tivo to add TivoCast for more Web Video Content

According to USA Today, TiVo will be adding more web video content for subscribers for users who have networked TiVos and a broadband connection with a new feature called TivoCast. Among the content that can be viewed on your TiVo:

Providing video for the new TiVoCast service will be: the National Basketball Association, The New York Times, CNet, H2O: Hip-Hop on Demand, women's social site iVillage, gay network Here!, action sports network Union on Demand, digital entertainment provider Heavy.com, Danger Rangers kids content and video blog Rocketboom.

According to the article, the service will be started by the end of July.

This seems like a smart move to me in trying to differentiate itself from competitors and providing extra utility for users.

It would be great if they opened up the service with an external API to allow anyone to publish content to their TiVo. The TivoGoBack feature is somewhat crippled in it's implementation, as is the HME SDK which only allows audio streaming and not video streaming. Creating a platform for third parties to implement video delivery systems would open the door to some cool new innovation and undoubtedly add value for its users.

(Hat Tip: TVPredictions.com)

Posted on June 07, 2006


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