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April 28, 2005


One of TivoBlog.com's bloggers laments the need to delete his favorite shows because he's running out of space and asks for a way out? From the comments to the post, most suggest hacking the Tivo in one fashion or another since there is no standard way of backing up shows unless you have a model with DVD Recording capablity (or purchase Sonic's MyDVD which can burn DVD's of Tivo2Go files). There should be an easier way.

One of my many frustrations with Tivo2go is that it is uni-directional. Uploading files back to the Tivo isn't exactly rocket science as Tivo hackers can attest, and by having the Tivo verify the Tivo2go encryption before uploading, Tivo can ensure that people aren't uploading pirated files. That certainly would help TivoBlog solve his problem.

If that doesn't float Tivo's boat, why not offer an external USB hard drive as an upgrade while coincidentally, create an additional revenue opportunity for Tivo? Those USB ports are just sitting there waiting for something to be plugged into them (besides a network card), and with a few hardware tweaks, they could create a proprietary standard preventing users from using a standard external USB drive.

Posted on April 28, 2005

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