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December 20, 2004

Sony pulling out of Plasma TV Market?

In another blow to plasma televisions, rumors have it that Sony will pull out of the plasma television market as soon as this next Spring. According to the article, the reason is business related; Sony doesn't produce the plasma televisions so it can't compete on price and the profit margins are eroding in the market. Regardless of whether Sony believes plasma has a future, the article then suggests that Sony simply dropping the product line will scare potential plasma customers away from adopting the technology.

The article also highlighted this forecast for the television industry:

According the independent research firm DisplaySearch, the global market for plasma TV sets will reach 5.14 million units in 2005, up 92% from 2.68 million this year. The LCD TV market is expected to double to 16 million units next year.

DisplaySearch predicts that sales of rear-projection TVs will total 6.82 million units in 2005, up 20% year-on-year. While sales of flat-panel sets are booming, traditional cathode-ray tube (CRT) models still make up about 90% of all TV sets sold worldwide.

I guess my old Sony CRT television isn't that out of fashion yet. It may actually turn out to be retro chic.

Posted on December 20, 2004

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