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December 07, 2004

Review: Plextor ConvertX (HTPCNews.com)

HTPCNews.com has a nice review of the Plextor ConvertX product with SageTV. HTPCNews has some good screen comparisions between MPEG4 encoding, MPEG2 encoding, and the Hauppauge 250 encoding. Here's their final pro/con list:


  • Hardware DivX encoding!!
  • USB 2.0 so it doesn't use a precious PCI slot.
  • Works with SageTV and soon BeyondTV (from what we've heard).
  • Software bundle that is really not useful for HTPCs.
  • Needs some tweaking to get the input to the quality level of a PVR-250.
  • Where's MCE support (even if only in MPEG2 mode)?

I'm really impressed with the Plextor guys. I took notice when they came out with the original killer hardware specs including MPEG4 encoding and USB2 interface, but they've taken it one step farther by doing a couple great partnerships with SageTV on Windows and EyeTV on Macintosh. It's a combination that is hard to beat.

Additional Info:

TVHarmony Product Tracker: Plextor

Posted on December 07, 2004

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