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December 07, 2004

New Flat TV Technology from Toshiba

Toshiba is going to introduce some really interesting technology for flat panel televisions next year using a technology called SED according to PC World. It's supposed to be faster than other technologies like LCD and plasma, and just as bright as a CRT.

One interesting quote from the article is how Toshiba views the future for new technologies:

Toshiba is eyeing SED as a replacement technology for PDP panels, particularly for use in panels of around 40-inches or larger. The company has already begun laying plans to phase out production of PDP televisions in 2007. It plans to keep LCD panels in small and mid-size sets and use SED for larger sets.

If you believe Toshiba, plasma will be a dead technology in the long term.

The funny thing is that I've probably owned/used at least 25 new computers and 5 cars over the last 12 years, yet we still use my old Sony TV in our living room and my wife is becoming more amenable to upgrade to something better. The way technology is changing so quickly in consumer electronics, what's the chance our next personal television is going to last 12 years before it becomes obsolete?

(Hat tip: DigitalMerging.la)

Posted on December 07, 2004

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