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December 12, 2004

JavaHMO 2.0 Released

According to TivoBlog.com, JavaHMO 2.0 was released this weekend. JavaHMO is a freeware replacement for Tivo's Home Media Option. I've been using a beta version that I found very stable so I had a feeling it would be out pretty soon.

Here's the new features:

In addition, 2.0 introduces numerous new plugins:
- Email: read your incoming email on the TiVo interface,
- Image organizer: similar to the audio organizer to allow you to categorize
your images by dates
- iTunes playlists (MP3 files only)
- Jukebox: every song you play in the other JavaHMO plugins will
automatically appear in the Jukebox playlist
- NNTP: download and view NNTP (News server) images automatically
- RSS: view RSS published content on the internet
- Web pages: view fullscreen versions of any web page
- Expanded weather: alerts for your county from the National Weather Service
will be part of the weather plugin
- Stocks: view the daily trading information of stocks

It's a nice way to extend your tivo with new features so I highly recommend it.

Posted on December 12, 2004

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