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November 01, 2004

MediaMVP support of SageTV

Streams.ch has created a free plugin for SageTV that allows one to use a Hauppauge MediaMVP to control their SageTV. The MediaMVP connects to your television via a "wired" network (e.g. no wireless support yet) and lets you stream video, audio, and pictures.

As I've mentioned before, this sub-$100 product is quickly becoming the open-source developers first choice for creating a silent thin-client that sits next to your television, driving your noisier PVR machine up in the attic. Streams.ch is the latest example, but their is also a lot of work on other PVR software products including BeyondTV, GB-PVR, and MythTV.

Additional Info:
TVHarmony Product Tracker: MediaMVP

(Hat Tip: Build Your Own PVR)

Posted on November 01, 2004

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