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November 08, 2004


Via DigitalMerging, Google has some ideas percolating on how the google search engine could be used in the television environment. With the click of your television remote, one could search for related sites on a PC powered television and display the results, with a pretty good results.

Personally, I'd be happy to have the opposite feature. Like Google's other topic-specific search engines (e.g. Mac, Linux), it would be nice to search for a television show, and via the new Tivo permalink (or better yet, a stadardized one that all PVRs can use), just click on a Record Now link.

One of the things that make Tivo good is it's searching capability. The ability to search for shows by keyword, actor, director, is pretty cool. Having a Google search that could do that and more, would be great. Adding searches for television bittorrents as well, things start getting really interesting.

Posted on November 08, 2004

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