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October 06, 2004

Zanware In Wall PC Controller

Since my wife just loves it when I cut holes in our drywall, Mavromatic.com points out this handy device that makes my dining room dimmer switch just plain boring in comparison.

According to Zanware, it's fully customizable and has these features built-in:

  • HomeSeer Control -- Control devices, trigger events, access e-mail, and other HomeSeer features.
  • Media Control -- Play MP3s, videos, play lists, browse your computer's hard drive and play media.
  • Internet Content -- Play Internet Radio, webcasts, webcams, RSS news feeds, local weather, and more.
  • Sensors and Utilities -- Temperature +-.5c, light level in LUX, alarm clock, timer, calender, and more.
  • Easy Install -- Mounts in a 3-gang UL box. Single wire install with Cat5 cable and Power over Ethernet.
  • Extendable -- Write your own modules in JScript. Add new menus with XML.
  • IR Receiver -- Works with any universal remote control (included). Control home automation via remote.

For $330, it's sounds like a pretty good deal for those so inclined.

(Hat tip: Engadget)

Posted on October 06, 2004

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