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October 15, 2004

TivoToStay in Q4

Gizmodo has the scoop:

Oh, and I finally got TiVo to commit to a release date for TiVoToGo: Fourth Quarter (okay, I suck at interrogation). Their Q4 starts November 1st, so that's probably as soon as we could expect it. One important point, though, is that the initial implementation will be copying files to laptops and burning DVDs of recorded shows, using Windows Media Player to manage the DRM and a certain DVD burning software (I don't recall what it was specifically, but I presume they'll provide it)—no portable video players for now, although it is in the cards. But burning DVDs! That's not TiVoToGo; That's TiVoToStay.

UPDATE: More from Engadget:

We also talked to Tivo, who were kind enough to give us a demo of TiVo ToGo. The functionality comes in the form of a free automatic update to any and all TiVo series 2 boxes; just add the TiVo Desktop application to your computer, get the two on your home network, and you’re ready to roll. TiVo gives you an account-specific key for DRMing the shows between your TiVo box and your computer, but no dongle, no fees, and no hassle. We like. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) the video files are indeed encrypted, and they said any time a television network asks TiVO to disallow this feature, or if they enable any kind of copy-protection on their broadcasts (like, by implementing Macrovision) TiVo is going to readily oblige the request. So we have a feeling there’s probably going to be like, three channels that won’t demand this of TiVo at the time of launch (and those would be the three obscure satellite channels who haven’t even heard of TiVo). But at least you can burn the files to DVD for playback later if you’re running out of space or just like to archive. TiVo ToGo is due before the year’s end, as will be the hacks that make this thing way more awesome and useful than it already is

(Hat Tip: PVRBlog)

Posted on October 15, 2004

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