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October 13, 2004

Nielsen Rating Adjust To PVR Trend

According to this article in Forbes, the growing number of PVR users are starting to effect the Nielsen Rating system. Nielsen Media, which runs the rating system will react to the trend by creating a separate measure based on recorded viewing.

Currently, Nielsen monitors 5,000 families across the US with an electronic device that records the time and channel that is currently being viewed and asks participants to record who is actually doing the watching. In addition, several large markets have 20,000 additional monitors that only record time and channel information.

PVRs put a monkey wrench into the operation. For instance in Austin, TX, 12% of viewers use PVRs, an unusual amount considering the 4% national rate of usage. Since those people watch shows on their own personal schedule, it can have an effect on the ratings and demographics of the audience. Forrester Research predicts that 45% of households will have a PVR in five years and upwards to 20% in the next couple years.

Starting in April, Nielsen will change their service reflect this trend. They will report live viewing trends as usual, but in the following week, they will report live plus recorded viewing rates.

The article points out that over time, this may have an effect on the scheduling wars that go on every fall. Since television advertisers look at ratings to determine where they spend their money, two shows in the same timeslot may prove to have better ratings than first reported, and thus change the landscape of who wins the prize advertising contract.

Times they are a'changin!

(Hat Tip: TVPredictions.com)

Posted on October 13, 2004

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