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October 06, 2004

MCE 2005 Ships Next Week

Microsoft's Media Center Edition 2005 will ship next week, according to CNet. The biggest features include support for multiple tuner cards, support fo HDTV tuner cards, the ability to burn CDs and DVDs via the remote, and improved video and audio playback quality. Along with MCE 2005, it sounds like Micrsoft will also release the Media Extender product, which will allow one to use the PVR attached to another television.

MCE currently can't be purchased separately from a PC, so you'll have to fork over the cash to buy a pre-built system with MCE included. I'm not certain whether MCE 2005 will be a free or paid upgrade for MCE 2004 users.

UPDATE: It looks like you can by MCE 2005 without purchasing a PC according to GamePC.com.

Additional Links: XPMCE.com
(Hat Tip: Engadget)

Posted on October 06, 2004

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