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October 05, 2004


A few days ago, I mentioned Microsoft's threedegrees.com, a private P2P application for sharing content like music for the teenage crowd. Grouper, a startup from Mill Valley, CA, does it one better by providing video, as well as other features that may appeal to the over 14 crowd.

The idea is pretty simple: wouldn't it be great to have your own private bittorrent with your family and friends for sharing stuff? Well, Grouper appears to do exactly that. You can post your family photos, videos, etc and give them access to your select group, all with the added speed and reliability of a distributed P2P.

The downside for me is no Mac support. After working for Apple in a past life, half my family use Macintosh. Om Malik reports that a Mac OS X is forthcoming in the next 3-5 months, so I'll wait for that to come out. In the meantime, I'll try to convice my sister to come out of the dark ages of Mac OS 8.5 so she can use it too.

Hat Tip and nice review at Om Malik.

Posted on October 05, 2004

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