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October 08, 2004

BeyondTV 3.5 Released!

With a lot of anticipation building up in recent days, Snapstream released BeyondTV 3.5 on schedule today. It has several new features including:

  • Support for multiple tuner cards so you can record multiple programs from multiple sources simultaneously
  • The ability to distribute BeyondTV throughout the house via their $39 BeyondTV Link software
  • New and improved scheduling features including the ability to search for shows by keyword
  • Support for personal video players like the Creative Zen
  • Better European support

To show off BeyondTV's new 3.5 features, Snapstream created Medusa, a standard P4 computer with 6 tuner cards attached. While it's a little on the extreme side for even some of us do-it-yourselfers, the Medusa is able to record 6 shows simultaneously without the CPU cracking much of a sweat (ie cpu usage stayed at 22%). They also illustrated a more likely example of two programs being recorded simultaneously in the backroom, while four users streamed different live tv using the BeyondTV link.

For $69.99, Snapstream has put together a powerful product at a really affordable price.

Posted on October 08, 2004

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