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September 27, 2004

Review of MS Portable Media Center (Anandtech.com)

Anandtech.com has a great review of Microsoft's Portable Media Center technology and it's first licensed product, Creative's Zen Player. It goes into quite a bit of detail and adds some caveats for people who are interested in getting one.

The main issue mentioned is that you are required to use Windows Media Player 10 to manage and synchronize your content. That's good since it means that it will transcode any video (as long as you download the codec) from their original format to something that can be read by the player so that eliminates the worries of incompatible video formats. That's bad if you don't like WMP 10 and prefer an alternative multimedia manager.

I'm going to wait to see what the open source community does with this device. If they find a way to hack it to use with other software products, I'll be more interested. It would also be nice to hack it and install a much larger hard drive, considering how cheap they are these days.

Posted on September 27, 2004

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