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September 24, 2004

Playstation Portable

I'm not much of gamer these days, but Engadget has me revved up about the upcoming Playstation Portable. According to Sony's press release, the new Playstation Portable could be an interesting product for people on the go.

What caught my attention is that it not only plays Playstation 2 games, but it also has some impressive technology for viewing video:

  • a 16:9 aspect 4.3" screen

  • MPEG4 decoding built-in

  • 1.8G Optical storage disks (capable of holding a full movie in MPEG4 format)

  • Wifi and USB2.0 connectivity

  • a lithium-ion battery for a fairly long battery life (10 hours audio, 2.5hours of video)

At the presumed street price of $125 - $200, it may be a inexpensive alternative to a personal media player, particularly for the family with a teenage gamer. For those older adults without a teenager, you can always relive your youth and try to beat your old high-score on Defender.

Posted on September 24, 2004

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