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September 10, 2004

Introducing MediaMVP

I received my MediaMVP yesterday from Amazon.com. I've been anxious to get one for some time now since I've heard a lot of people have been using them as a frontend to a PVR. GBPVR, which I've not tried yet, supports the MediaMVP so I'm hopeful that I'll install and try it over the weekend.

The advantage to it is that I can use an clunky, loud, server stored up in my office as the PVR server and only have the quiet MediaMVP in the living room.

MediaMVP is a favorite for hackers (here and here) because it simply loads a linux OS from a server as it boots up. This allows a developer to modify the software that resident in the MVP without having to alter the hardware.

I can see already that it will be a huge time-waster for me, but part of the fun is learning new things. As long as I leave the Tivo alone, my wife doesn't mind too much.

Posted on September 10, 2004

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